Throw out bearing


Hi - My car sounds terrible - and I am told it is the throw out bearing - How bad is it?

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BMW X5 sdrive30i negotiations


Looking to purchase 2020bmwsdrive40i. Msrp $71295; selling price $65639. They are under pressure to close deal by end of month and I want to be out the door max $65k. I was thinking of paying cash but lease seems better...$37k over 3 years with 15kmiles/year. If I can negotiate buy out of $27k, should be a great deal since I can resell at around $30k minimum. What other factors outside of price should I negotiate for bmw sdrive40i? Thoughts on what I may be missing with my analysis?

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BMW 330e 2019


I am looking at the prices for the new 330e with an M sport package and all the cool options. The car just came out. Is there any point of trying to get a deal? I am based in Europe btw.

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New BMW Mini ordering options


Are the Blue Chester leather seats offered as an option in Build my Mini real animal skin leather or a type plastic 'SensaTec' manmade material.

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2019 BMW X3


2019 BMW X3, everything but Adaptive Cruise Control, MSRP 55770. Invoice (with options) = 52315. Edmunds FMV = 51780. Son is an employee of dealership, so we get the employee discount, plus there are incentives out there. Can the incentives be stacked with the Employee discount? Is there a military incentive/discount. We are current BMW customers. I'm assuming we arrive at a price of x% off of the Invoice with options, and then apply the employee discount and/or incentives. Correct? What is a proper percentage off the Invoice with options.

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2017 BMW X5 eDrive


I am negotiating for a 2017 BMW X5 e-drive. X5 has 18k miles, with no accidents. Does not have a cold weather package, but it certified pre-owned. Dealership asking 47k. I found same vehicle with 7800 miles for 46k, better trim package. How much wiggle room do I have? Looking to put 20k down and finance the remainder. Thanks!

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