How to purchase the car after the lease


Hi YouWheel, I have a question, I will finish my lease of an Audi A7 this year. When I signed the contract, I only considered the monthly payment for the two years' lease period without considering the total price and residual after the two years. Now I want to buy it but I realized the residual is too high. What should I do to negotiate with the dealer? Thanks very much! mopo

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Lease versus buy


I currently own a 2002 BMW X5. I am currently looking to purchase another vehicle. I am trying decide between regular and hybrid and purchase and buying. I drive less than 10,000 miles per year. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thank you, James

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VW GOLF R 2017 Manual - Lease What is the lowest monthly I can receive with 36months, $1000 down, 10,000miles/yr? MSRP is 39300

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Lease luxury cars


What are current money factors and residual values for 2017 and 2018 Audi A6 and Mercedes E300?

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Bantley lease rates


Hi... Do you have Money Factors for 2020 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible V8?

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