BMW good deal


What is considered a good deal for leasing a 3-series coupe BMW without any excessive gadgets other than rear view camera with 10k mileage requirement

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MSRP: $46,545 Exterior: Space Gray Metallic Interior: Black Included Packages: Navigation System Driver Assistance Package Lighting Package Wheels: 19" x 8.5" Double Spoke NEVADA TAX 8.1% HOW LOW CAN I BUY? THANK YOU

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What' best negotiated price on 2016 BMW 535i Xdrive?


I live in NJ and looking to lease a 535i Xdrive. Looking at the inventory on some of the dealers websites, the ones I liked with the options packages I prefer are within 64-66K MSRP range. Could you please advise what should be the bottom line price I should agree to? Also, I checked to see if there are any factory rebates/incentives available but unfortunately there's nothing other than Recent grad and USAA incentives, both of which I am not eligible for.

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2016 BMW M3


I would like to get some help on leasing a 2016 BMW M3. MSRP is $79020 and I received an offer "$0 minimum drive off only $998 tax or 10k down drive off $699 tax for 36 months 12k miles". Money factor is .00176 and residual is 65% for 12K miles. Is this a deal that I should walk away from ? Thanks

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help for BMW X3 xDrive28i purchase


hi there - i am looking at buying a new or used BMW X3 xDrive28i - at the "build a car" on BMW online, the car I like with all its packages comes to $52,000. how much room is there for negotiating that price, and what could i negotiate for (more options, servicing the car, etc)? i don't even know how to start this conversation. thank you for your help!!

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BMW corporate discounts


Can an AARP corporate discount and a Morgan Stanley corporate discount be stacked to purchase a 2017 340 I BMW?

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BMW i3 REX Used Purchase


Looking to purchase a 2014-15 BMW i3 REX with upgraded navigation and DC Fast Charge. Leather Dalbergia interior is preferred as well. Have found a couple locally but the dealer will absolutely not budge more than a few hundred dollars from the list price, even though the car has been on the lot for more than 2 months and I know expired lease cars will be flooding back into the dealerships in the next few months. We made a final best offer that was about 6% below list price and they told us they were already losing money on the car and could not work with us. I've never purchased a car, used or new, and not gotten 5-10% off the list price. Is this just how BMW operates? Thanks.

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