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    2015-03-30 10:30:18

    For 2015 428i Coupe:

    If in dealer stock: try 16% off MSRP; If you are ordering it, fair pricing is at invoice (if you are willing to negotiate more, ask dealership NOT to charge you the training fee and MACO fee). For leasing:

    Term: 36 month, 12k miles/year
    Residule value: 62%
    Money factor: 0.0013 - however, you can put down a maixmum of 7 MSD (multiple security deposit) to lower the MF. Each MSD can decrease the MF by 0.00007. Therefore if you put down 7 MSDs (around $6,000, fully refundable after end of lease), you can get the final MF = 0.00081 (which means the effective APR decreases from 3.12% to 1.94%)
    Bank acquisition fee: $795

    2015-04-01 23:32:25

    Wow, that is really good tip. I got one last Dec with 14% off. Took me about a month to get it.

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