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    2015-03-30 02:03:19

    Generally speaking, the Accord has slightly higher technology level. For example:

    - its front subframe is made of aluminum-steel hybrid construction, while the Camry is still using steel for the same component.
    - the I4 and V6 engines offered on the Accord, has VTEC valvetrain, which not only adjusts the timing of the valves opening/closing (VVT), but also varies the lift of the valve (how much the valve is opened) ; For the Camry, its I4 or V6 engine only has VVT (only the valve timing is adjustable).

    However, Camry has a better transmission (made by Aisin); The CVT used on the 4-cylinder Accord does not respond as crisp as the traditional 6-speed unit; and the V6 Accord's 6-speed automatic transmission does not shift as smooth as the Camry's 6AT.

    Talking about the body structure/rigidness, both of them are at the same level. So generally speaking they has similar strength in mechanical and structural aspects. Which one is the better choice for you, depends on your aesthetic on their interior/exterior styling. My personal recommendation is to get either the Camry V6 or the Accord V6, they are really good.

    2015-04-01 23:43:04

    I would recommend Honda Accord. Honda dealer offers more flexible deals. Accord 2015 EX-L, leasing price is about $320/month which includes the tax. The leasing term in 12000 miles/year with 36-month term. Honda has the warranty covers most of the parts. You don't have to buy additional one. Accord has higher re-sell value, so when you may get some money back after 3 years. The bad thing is your new car insurance will be higher than you get Camary. Because Toyota has its own financial bank for loan, but Honda corporate with other banks.

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