Want to buy the Acura MDX, 2015 model or 2016 model?

I am going to buy the MDX. My local dealership has the latest 2016 model, but they also has plenty of the 2015 model in stock. The 2015's pricing has more room for negotiation, but the 2016 are newer. Is the 2016 model a better choice?
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    New changes to the 2016 MDX (compared to the 2015 model year):

    - It uses a new 9-speed automatic transmission (sourced from ZF), which replaced the 6-speed one in the 2015 model;
    - It got a new version of the SH-AWD system. Please pay attention that the SH-AWD on 2016 model is significantly different than the 2015 model. For the 2016 MDX, it simplifies the SH-AWD, deletes the planetary gear set, and using the clutch pack solely for power coupling.

    The "old" SH-AWD is more durable and capable; but cons are in its more complicated design, and less fuel efficient (due to more moving parts in the rear wheel drive unit).

    Also, the ZF 9AT design has some physical issue; its application on the new Jeep Cherokee has led to some user complains and recalls, main issue is jerky shifting quality and power delivery interruption during changing gears. Please see our technical analysis on this ZF 9-speed automatic transmission:

    See our famous technical analysis:

    Latest Transmission Titbit – ZF 9HP

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