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    2015-04-02 15:26:45

    For handling, the Mercedes GL class may be slightly better because of its unibody construction and independent suspension for the rear wheels; while the Lexus LX570 and also the Cadillac Escalade are body-on-frame construction, with live-axle rear suspension.

    All of those 3 SUVs are very safe; they also have similar electronic/technology features.

    The Mercedes GL have larger space for the 3rd-row seat, thanks to the independent suspension and also unibody structure, which do not require extra horizontal structural frames in that area, thus saves a lot of space for the passenger cabin.

    However, body-on-frame SUVs (LX580, Escalade) are more suitable for heavy load; you will notice the GL550 has body flex when running on uneven road surfaces.

    2015-04-04 14:00:21

    Thanks for your replies. I have test drove all the three cars today and I think I will go for Escalade. Dude, I love its exterior design so much. I will post some reviews here later on.

    2015-04-04 13:50:16

    They all are top luxury SUVs and their MSRPs are really close. I will go for one with the best offer.

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