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    2015-10-04 11:37:09

    Toyota is offering pretty awesome deals now. In addition, we also provide many additional discounts for all the inventories. It will end on Nov, 1st. Please contact me for more information.

    Here are some candidates I can think of. For the $ ... ...

    ---- @YouWheel

    2015-06-10 06:40:18

    Here are some candidates I can think of. For the $40k budget, I include those which falls in the range after negotiation.

    1. Toyota Sequoia. After a little bit negotiation you may be able to get it around $40k, for the SR5 trim. This is a body-on-frame SUV with independent suspension for all 4 wheels. Powerful V8 engines and the excellent suspension makes the handling surprisingly nimble and the acceleration performance is excellent. Its interior cabin is even wider than most minivans, and the 3rd-row seat is very comfortable to sit even for adults.

    2. Ford Expedition. Very similar to the Sequoia, the difference is it does not has a V8 engine, instead it is a turbocharged V6 with slightly less power but more torque. With your budget, go for the 2WD XLT trim.

    3. Dodge Durango. This is a uni-body full-size SUV. It is narrower than the above two candidates, and interior spaces is also smaller, but the 3rd-row can still seat adults reasonably. The Durango is cheaper too, so with your budget you can go for the 4WD R/T trim, which has a V8 engine.

    4. Buick Enclave. Strictly speaking I should call it a CUV. Unlike the above 3 models, the Enclave is based on a FWD platform. Interior space is similar to the Durango, and its price is also the cheapest too. You can buy the Enclave is you want to save more money and do not want to buy a minivan.

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