Choice between Charger R/T and 300c/s - thank you

Hello, I was wondering how could I choose between Charger R/T and Chrysler 300c/s. Charger R/T or road track: Pro- Standard V8, lower price Chrysler 300 c/s: Pro- Fuel economy V6 is popular, better looking(personally thinking) cons-v8 is more small group people, expensive than Charger Could you give me some advice based on handling, transmission, maintenance costs and give some specific models to consider? I really appreciate that.
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    2016-06-26 18:23:26

    Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 are almost mechanically identical, except some trims of the 300 are softer than the corresponding Charger trims. So ultimately it depends on your preference in their exterior/interior styling and how the actual vehicle is optioned.

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