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    2016-07-07 00:21:56

    Latest update:

    The "The Ultimate BMW Buying Guide" is now completed, please click at the below link to view it.

    The Ultimate Car Buying Guide

    Again, thanks for your support!

    2016-06-26 08:14:39

    Yes! We are in the process of completing those sections.

    To get those portions done, we are developing a handy lease calculator which you will find extremely useful when you are signing the lease contract at the dealership in person. This calculator can accurately compute payments in different states (because different states in US has different tax treatments), and has lots of customized options (for example, the calculator allows you to roll acquisition fee, doc fee, registration fee, cap reduction tax, upfront tax respectively into the monthly payment).

    We will announce the update on our front page, please check back in a few days. Thanks for your support!

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