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Engine Options Confirmed for The Next Lexus SC


Nearly a year ago, we have previewed some news about the future Lexus V8 powerplant. Recently we heard more news from Lexus: the first model to receive this new series of V8 engines will be the upcoming 3rd-gen Lexus SC.

From our source, Toyota management has approved 2 of the 3 proposed powerplants (as has already been mentioned in the above previous article):

1. The naturally aspirated 5.0L V8, with output between 450hp – 480hp (depends on different applications) – confirmed;
2. The naturally aspirated 5.0L V8 plus hybrid electric motor, output will be above 500hp – confirmed;
3. A twin-turbocharged 5.0L V8, output will be in the 600hp league – Toyota still need to see how well the new SC performs in the market to make the decision.

The new SC will be announced in the next year as a 2017 model.

Besides the SC, we have something new to share with you today: the future Lexus LS flagship sedan (5th-gen) is going to use the similar powertrain: a NA V8 as standard, and also the V8 hybrid powerplant as an upgraded model. The new LS sedan will be announced two years later.

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